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Heart of Scotland


I worked on this piece yesterday and love how it turned out. Scotland makes a very gracious paper cut subject and I happened to find a perfectly scaled map of this diversely landscaped part of UK for the four-by-four birch frame. Working on international custom hearts reminds me that in high school I was able to draw a map of the whole world. My geography teacher offered extracurricular courses and it was one of the subjects I ended up choosing for my “matura” – an end of high school maturity exam. It has been over 16 years now though and I look forward to refreshing my geographic memory with every PaperCutWorks order, looking through the pages of my many atlases and locating places small and big.

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  1. Lucie Mathieson permalink
    05/15/2011 16:20

    I received this Heart from my son and absolutely love it! I am so impressed that you found a map with the perfect proportions and that my hometown of Glasgow is a focal point. I shall treasure it!

    • 05/15/2011 17:02

      Dear Lucie, I am thrilled that you love it! Thank you so much for stopping by to let me know!

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