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Karen Walrond from Chookooloonks, and a collector of my work, recommended my work again, this time in her Bliss Your Heart blog series. What a sweet birthday gift that was!


My custom  Moroccan doorway papercuts were featured in the Munaluchi Bridal, a wedding magazine for women of color (later also linked in The Huffington Post Weddings ). You can also see them in the printed Fall/Winter 2011 Edition of Munaluchi Bridal.


Our home, my papercuts & jewelry featured on Etsy’s Get The Look Decor:


Curbly featured my block printing tutorial originally posted on PaperNStitch here:


PaperCutWorks is featured in Etsy Finds! Check it all out here.


I’m so honored to be featured on Stasia Burrington’s blog today & very grateful for her many kind words… As visitors of this blog know, I’m quite enamored with her work, so this special post means a lot to me!

Click here for to jump to the post.


Studio tour!

“Remember Ania from last week’s block printing tutorial? Well, I am back with Ania today, sharing her multi-use workspace for a long overdue studio tour. Ania is a talented paper cut artist, as well as a budding jewelry designer. And I am happy to be showing off her space today and asking her a few questions about work, who she would absolutely love to collaborate with, and more. Enjoy!” … read on here!


Guest blog post on papernstitch! {originally published here}




If you haven’t discovered PaperNStitch yet, you have to stop by! I’ve been an avid reader for a over a year now getting my daily dose of inspirations in diy, art + handmade, and home decor. Need ideas for a last-minute valentine? Click here and enjoy some wonderful tutorials!



View the entire newsletter here


PaperCutWorks lexicography cutouts are featured in the Chookooloonks Blog Shopping Guide!

Thank you Karen for such kind words!



Portland Picks {PaperCutWorks}

Seattle Pick‘s sister blog Portland Picks featured my “I heart PDX” cartography cutout today!



Oregon’s Under the Root creates vintage inspired, handmade lingerie and underthings. I’ve been a fan of Jennifer’s beautiful creations for a while & this week discovered that she is also a fan of my work!

It is such a pleasure to be picked for Jennifer’s Whimsical Handmade Wednesdays!


Click the image above to read the entire blog post.



Kerri of inmyigloo curated this unique treasury featuring my custom repurposed lexicography piece:


I Heart Paris Map Cutout Art by PaperCutWorks was featured on etsy’s home page today among many other handcrafted items themed around France’s Bastille Day. Click on the image below to view all the featured artists.


Bonnie Jones featured my {Two Hearts Beat As One} map cutout map on her beautiful blog “Explore Daily”:


Tour de France treasury by metroline6


Traces by Stasia Burrington

“maps. wandering. exploring. getting lost. discovering. traveling. moving. Maps are our way of defining our spaces, showing where we’ve been, where we want to go, how to move around. They define our home, help us define our selves”. – by Stasia Burrington


Ten days later  I accidentally discovered this blog post at Evergreen Moms!


“I Heart The Olympic Peninsula Original Hand Cut Paper Art by PaperCutWorks” was featured in Critical Mass – Philadelphia City Paper’s Arts and Entertainment Blog:

(Excerpt) “We’ve never been to the Olympic peninsula, but we heart it just the same. $25, Paper Cut Works (spied first at I Heart Handmade)


“I Heart The Olympic Peninsula Original Hand Cut Paper Art by PaperCutWorks” was featured in a gift guide by I Heart Handmade


Blank Space is a talented dynamic Seattle-based visual design duo I occasionally have the pleasure to work with during my day time endeavors. Thanks to the giveaway via “I heart Handmade” Mindi, Blank Space’s co-founder, learned about PaperCutWorks and covered my xacto knife craft on their blog.


Indie Icing is sharing the love today! I’m pretty sure their “absolutely adorable” compliment refers to PaperCutWorks 🙂 Click here to check it out for yourself.


“Syracuse” Custom Map Heart by PaperCutWorks is featured on Woulda Coulda Shoulda: You Never Know Where Love Will Lead by Mir Kamin.

May 2010

Father (Definition) Original Handcrafted Papercut by PaperCutWorks was featured in an etsy member curated treasury celebrating Father’s Day:

Unfortunately “Treasury East” experienced a fatal error soon after this treasury was created & I was unable to recover the name of its curator.

I left my Heart in San Francisco Original Hand Cut Paper Art by PaperCutWorks was featured in a Rise & Shine themed treasury during the same week and unfortunately also was soon after lost in cyberspace:


Giveaway feature on “I Heart Handmade”:

(Excerpt) Here’s a papercut that doesn’t hurt: Each of these intricate hand-cut hearts is made from old dictionary pages, outdated maps or vintage sheet music.  Ania — the gal behind the hearts — then mounts them on wood blocks or pap er cards.  The end result are these expressive anatomical paper hearts.  What better way to say, “I love you” or “I left my heart in Seattle” (or San Francisco, Portland…)?


{I Heart Seattle} Featured on Etsy’s Front Page

& in what great company! Visit Statsy to view each of the above featured handmade items. This prominent feature resulted in PaperCutWorks on etsy scoring 35 new shop “hearts” ({I Heart Seattle} received 55 new “hearts”). “Hearts” is Etsy’s internal system of bookmarking members’ favorite shop.


I Heart The Olympic Peninsula Original Hand Cut Paper Art by PaperCutWorks was featured in a hiking themed treasury curated by TonyaUtkina:


{Mother} Definition Paper Cut Art recommended by Cool Moms!



{Mother} Definition Paper Cut Art is featured on Explore Daily – a beautiful blog by Bonnie Jones.

Bonnie is a Northwest-based photographer – view her wonderful work here and here.


{Where Does Your Heart Belong?} is featured in a unique beautifully curated “I ♥ Travel” treasury put together by kanom.


I HEART PDX Wooden Block. Original Hand Cut Paper Art by PaperCutWorks was featured in a treasury showcasing etsy’s newest artists and curated by MaraStrayer:

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  1. Sue Wood permalink
    08/09/2011 11:05

    LOVE your creativity. I’m searching for an artist who can cut a map of Napa Valley, CA, to give to my son and his fiancee for their wedding gift? Do you cut this kind of request? Thanks, Leah Wood

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