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{gone tide poolin’}


Our friend Danielle recently introduced us to her favorite activity – tide pooling. We celebrated her birthday a couple weeks ago in West Seattle exploring Puget Sound treasures. Last Saturday we ventured to Birch Bay, Washington for the three day weekend, and took advantage of this area’s spectacular low tide. We roamed around for hours taking photos and handling little creatures (very gently).

credit: James via i-phone’s photosynth

Our 7-year-old pup had the most fun however. He got to roam around happily, galloping among and through the water pools, greeting other dogs and little creatures. Good times!

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  1. 05/30/2011 23:31

    When I was little and my family lived in Bellingham, we went to Birch Bay all the time! Beautiful pictures – it brings back good memories of picnics and sand in all your creases!

  2. asrai7 permalink
    06/04/2011 09:13

    Ill be in Seattle in a few weeks, hopefully doing the same thing! Beautiful photos 🙂

    • 06/04/2011 21:01

      Wonderful! I recommend West Seattle if you’re just staying in town, but do research the tide schedule for the best day & time to go. My friend Dani took care of all those details so I didn’t even have to think about it 🙂

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