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the real anatomical heart


The caption under this incredible image by Rob Jones III reads: This is the vasculature of an actual heart (porcine heart, identical to human heart). The blood is replaced by a plastic substance which fills all of the veins, capillaries, etc, then the heart is put into a solution that dissolves all the tissue, leaving this incredible detail of a heart.

I couldn’t help but to look at an example of a PaperCutWorks image to compare the two.  Mine, a papercut, extracted from red card stock paper with an xacto knife. A loose interpretation of a heart’s anatomy. Rob’s, actual veins. Stunning image and the process used to create the sculpture. Naturally, it completely consumed my attention. Reblogged so many times without any credit to the artist it took me a while to locate its origin. When I first started to create my papercut hearts, I studies some anatomical images, but nothing ever came as close to feeling as real as this one. Science and art married into one.

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  1. 03/10/2012 23:31

    So beautiful, as well as your simplification. Thank you!

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