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PaperCutWorks then & now


Over the holidays I worked on a San Francisco map heart & it made me think about just how much my design & technique have changed since their 2005 beginnings, and how this evolution sped up since I opened up my first etsy shop.

When I started sharing my papercuts on etsy in 2010, I used to cut the heart outline freehand, repurposing previously collected outdated maps, and mounted the final cutouts on 2″ thick art panels (instead of the current, more delicate 1″ kind). The lines were thinner, and mostly fewer. Paired with the heavier panel, the overall design seems so unbalanced now.

The most significant change however has been in the cut material. I ran out of the maps on hand & started being very selective about the maps I source. While I still use vintage maps in majority of my cutouts, occasionally a page from a vintage atlas isn’t as colorful or varied as I’d like it to be. So instead I turn to maps that are only 15+ years old, but more interesting in terms of design. I also always try to use maps by the same cartographers when creating two and three heart cutouts.

My chronological flickr {heartworks} photo album documents these changes pretty well.

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  1. 01/13/2012 07:27

    The transition to the 1″ thick panel really stands out for me. I agree that this change was an improvement!

    I enjoyed the perspective photo that actually demonstrates the thickness of the paper. It’s a valuable marketing photo.

  2. 01/13/2012 11:13

    These are so beautiful, it’s impressive how selective you are with your map sourcing – your attention to detail definitely shows.

  3. 01/13/2012 21:02

    Thank you Jenna & Stasia! Yes those transitions were definitely key.

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