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His Valentine to Kyoto


Over the last couple years, little by little, I’ve become enamored with Japan. Among the people who helped to initiate and cultivate this process has been GJC. So with his permission, I wanted to share some breathtaking works of his.

The image above is from his Celebration of Tea series, which I love especially. I frequently bookmark his captures, or I’ll hold on to them as my desktop image because one glimpse just isn’t enough.

Like me, back when photography was my only artistic outlet, GJC captures mostly objects, structures, settings; occasionally silhouettes of people, but never posed portraits. Moments. & since recently, he treats his followers to beautiful, intimate glimpses of his family life (& his sweet baby daughter).

If I travel to Japan one day, it will be to help recover that moment awareness I think GJC excels at. For now, his images let me live an illusion, that if I can’t find it again in my life here now, I only need to buy a ticket to Kyoto.

The Floating World. Isn’t it just haunting?

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  1. 01/06/2012 10:31

    Great shots! Especially the first and the last. Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to check out more of GJC’s shots.

  2. 01/07/2012 12:58

    This is so beautiful and poetic. It makes me homesick for a place I’ve never been. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. asrai7 permalink
    01/07/2012 14:09

    Beautiful shots. Do you follow Tokyobling’s wordpress blog? ALways a constant stream of imagery from Japan.

  4. 01/07/2012 20:00

    Asrai – I haven’t before! Thank you for the link!

  5. 01/16/2012 06:30

    Well, I hardly know what to say. This is the first time anyone has done something like this about my blog, and that you have chosen to highlight even a few images from quite some time back — I am so touched. What can anyone ask more of their art than precisely this — that despite miles and cultures and languages and all the other seeming impediments to a common humanity, there are those moments of wordless connection that we can still manage to spark. I am deeply honored by your tribute, and I thank you for your continued interest in my blog. I do hope you will come to visit Kyoto someday. It is not all old customs and beauty, to be sure, but there is enough to please anyone with a sensitive soul like yourself.

  6. 01/16/2012 10:40

    GJC – thank you for sharing your beautiful photography with the world… Your work is universal – proven by the international readership of your blog. I’m so glad I stumbled upon it & that it became a part of my life. Yes, one day, I hope I get to visit Kyoto!

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