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~ handmade holidays ~


What are you doing in preparation for the holidays? The first thing on our list is the annual letter to our loved ones. As soon as we have it typed up, and pictures chosen (James does all of this by the way…) I’ll translate it for my folks & we’ll have a little mailing party. Then there’s making our home holiday-ready, and of course gifts! Since last year we traveled to Poland to spend Christmas with my family, it’s going to be the  first time holidaying in our home. The tree is a must, and though we’ve had one tree before (in our tiny pre-wedding apartment), for the first time we will get to combine our family ornaments & have a more bi-culturally inclusive decorating experience.I’m also preparing a list of ideas for handmade home decorations, gift wrappings, party & kid crafts, host/ess gifts, one-of-a-kin presents, table decorations, card displaying & repurposing, and much more! Since this holiday season we will need to be very careful about our spending, many of these ideas are going to come in handy. Others I’ll purchase straight from the crafters who created them. I’m pulling all of the altogether in my Handmade Holidays Pinboard:

On of the neat things about Pinterest (the virtual pinboard — a place where you can post collections of things you love, and “follow” collections created by people with great taste) is that it ensures every image is linked to its source & every author gets credit for the items you pin. Pinboards are also neat for putting together a wish list for your holidays as you can collage images from variety of web sites & share your one wish list pinboard address. Take a peak at my collection of hand made holiday ideas here!

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