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{the tiniest heart} papercut locket necklace


A second take at wearable papercut art! This time I used vintage brass lockets as the base – one of the leaves of the locket is filled with a unique hand-cut heart. The other is left blank for you to add a photograph of a loved one. My tiny papercut hearts take a while to create. I carve them out of red cardstock with an x-acto knife blade. Due to the detail of the cutout & its size, I typically go through two new blades to create one heart. I then mount the cutout on white background and cover the entire piece with varnish to protect it from moisture and add a painting-like finish. I found these brass lockets in a vintage jewelry shop – they are in a beautiful condition and are quite charming. You can find this piece in my Baltica etsy shop. Its vintage appearance fits this environment better than the more modern PaperCutWorks space. The first one was featured on etsy’s tumblr blog today, and is traveling to Australia tomorrow!

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  1. 10/20/2010 15:46

    Oh my goodness! I love it! I can barely believe the concentration and skill it took to cut this.

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