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{and then the doves came}


My best friend Robin asked me to help her start a web site dedicated to her craft of choice –  printmaking. The pictures below document the making of her most recent project : “And Then The Doves Came”. She designed and made this limited edition print series as a contribution to the “Prints for Peace” project.

Did you know the print making community keeps a custom of limiting their editions and keeping track of the copies by numbering each one? This is also how limited edition print makers stay accountable to their supporters.

Robin discovered printing by accident. Several years ago the two of us went to a yard sale put together by a (at the time) local artist Cara Lynn Kleid. Cara was moving to NYC & getting rid of 90% of her art supplies. This is how Robin acquired her first set of printmaking tools.


Since then her prints have progressively gotten more and more complex and intricate.



& this piece is definitely the most beautiful one she’s so far created. Looking forward to her future pieces!

You can find more images of this artist at work on my flickr right here.For her newest works  visit her website where you can read more about the print exchange she’s participating in and the message behind “And Then the Doves Came”.


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