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~ new space to create & display admirations ~


I recently moved my maps, atlases, dictionaries, paper, books, magazines, art & prints (including my own high-school era ink drawings), inspiration boards, quirky mini-collections (e.g. cookie fortunes in a tin can or 50s Babies Playing Cards), jewelry supplies and all tools of my creative trades to a newly painted (“faded burlap” – not very well represented in these images) room in our home. James calls this room “the study”. He stores his speech & language pathology library in here along with other work related materials. I use this space for spreading out my projects in a creative mess I can leave behind for another night. I took some photos of this newly created space & the many etsy & thrift or antique shop treasures displayed throughout.

You may recognize the first print hanging on the wall above my work space from a recent blog post. I haven’t yet decided how to frame it so for now it resides in a clip board. The middle print is an antique 1916 anatomy book page purchased at VintagePaperWorks (similar name to my shop’s!). The empty swing frame is from a wonderful vintage shop called dkgeneralstore but the little mason jar I use for storing buttons (a handful from GrandAndTaylor!) was acquired at a garage sale in Port Townsend last month, along with the one pictured below storing my collection of vintage lace trims (from here & here). These little pen nibs arrived at my home via emmylucy & I’ve been using them to create one-of-a-kind necklaces like this one (sold at my August art show).

I somehow started collecting blue tea cups. They’re perfect for storing supplies and pens and such. Like the linen pincushion? I found it via a treasury which featured both namolio’s & my handmade creations. It traveled all the way from UK & it’s a stunning little piece!

As is the case throughout our home, we have a cluster of house plants sitting by the window. I take care of 30+  potted plants so this actually is a fairly small grouping of them (our kitchen is the most plant-populated room in the house with 15 living there right now).

I keep my supplies fairly organized. I purchased those four slide file cases at a local Goodwill store for $2.99 each. Adding to their charm are handwritten labels stating the decade the photo slides where from (50s through 70s) & locations of their owners’ travels – those are all inside the cases & don’t interfere with my own labels I created on the outside. As I work at the desk, to my right is a very old filing cabinet we bought this summer at a used office furniture store. It belonged to a local non-profit called The Mountaineers. It’s super old school & it took me a while to convince James to like it (-: Since this cabinet is made of metal I can post visual treats on it via magnetic clips – you’ll notice cards featuring floating handkerchiefs by Bonnie Jones I blogged about before. Further up on the wall I hung a cluster of prints, including a Japanese flower arrangement photograph purchased at TheKawaiiSupplyShop and an 1890 antique art lithograph of Japan Quince (for more beautiful prints like this one visit cyrstreow). I also have displayed a photo of Kurt Vonnegut framed in a simple glass frame – it’s the inside cover of “Jailbird”. Kurt is having an intense or at least very present conversation over the phone, looking out the window, smoking. It’s my favorite photograph of him & it’s the only framed piece that’s lived in every apartment or room I rented since I permanently moved to Seattle over a decade ago.The black wooden two-drawer container was purchased at the same thrift store as the metal cases for a dollar more – I painted it black & use it for storing many office supplies. Inside that glass tea light cup is a little test tube bouquet (via HeavyMetalVintage) with dry plants collected on my walks with Ludovic. The strange drawing is a copy of a self-portrait I drew a long time ago.

These little purple flowers were part of a bouquet picked out at Seattle’s Pike Place Market several weeks ago when James’ Mom was visiting us. They preserved their color beautifully even as they dried up. I blogged about the chocolate brown raw clay HOLD jar here (this is one of two designs from this series I have in my home – the other one I shared here).

Most of my beads and findings (my other etsy shop is Baltica jewelry) reside inside  vintage wooden shadow boxes (this one I think is from fatcatvintage). I purchase most my jewelry supplies on etsy, including many skeleton keys (for example at 2BCreative , tinymuses and slinkymalinkicat — hers are my favorite – must be the Baltic spirit!).

The golden tone filigree frame is again from the local thrift store. I replaced the glass with a sheet of cork covered with black fabric, and use for hanging my favorite creations – they hang on insect pins which blend in perfectly with the black background. I discovered this project via Real Simple. While my jewelry creations are very popular at art and craft shows, they get buried among the hundreds of thousands of fantastic necklace and earring offerings on etsy.  I’m planning on merging my two creative outlets in the near future and making a unique line of jewelry that will fit the intention of both my etsy studios. Stay tuned for more info via this blog!

One last etsy treasure in our study I wanted to mention is a letterpress set sitting on James’ book shelf (see top photo). Right before our most recent anniversary I legally hyphenated my name and presented James with this print letter set (of our last name) to celebrate this little event. You can get your own metal letters at typewrds. Jeff, who runs this shop, is very responsive, and seems to have just about any letter combo you can come up with!

As you can tell I am a huge fan of many etsy community members’ work – some of them I write about in my admiration series, some I’m also able to support by purchasing their beautiful shop offerings. Incorporating their various creations and vintage items into my home studio definitely keeps me inspired! More pictures on my flickr pages here & here.


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