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{body art} by stasia burrington


Several months ago I was featured in a beautiful cartography themed treasury curated by Stasia Burrington . It’s always such a pleasure to be noticed by other artists on etsy and I make sure to visit their etsy studios right away to learn more about their aesthetics and artistic pursuits because chances are we have at least a little bit in common! I fell in love with Stasia’s illustrations immediately and purchased two prints right away. The one pictured above (photo by the artist) accompanies me in my creative space, and the other one is about to be framed & placed in a very special room.

My favorite pieces by Stasia are her tattoo illustrations. Above is beautiful blue ink design, and below is a gorgeous multi-color “fabric” tattoo:

Honestly, the first two illustrations make me want a to add a tattoo to my own body. The blue and red ink designs remind me of Japanese wood block prints and traditional Japanese paper and textile patterns. But they’re also reminiscent of vintage hand-crocheted lace. To avoid cultural appropriation (so frequently practiced in tattoo design), I’ve been thinking about gathering examples of Eastern European lace and doilies and collaging them together. If I dare to transfer them onto my skin permanently, this blog’s readers will surely find out. In the meantime, I’m truly grateful for having discovered Stasia’s inspiring work and look forward to every new piece  she shares via her blog and etsy studio.


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