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“HOLD” Jars by NestingEmily


Clay art appreciation* is new for me and I attribute its development entirely to the works of nestingemily.

Emily is an Ontario-based ceramicist who with much persistence and success is “taking over the world using nothing but clay, felt, wood and chocolate”. Emily & I might share admiration for Japan’s wabi-sabi: her “HOLD” series of jars specifically manifests this famous yet humble aesthetic. Hand thrown pottery by nestingemily is beautifully organic and raw. Recently I have been able to acquire two pieces by this much admired artist:

Stitched Amber Linen Star Raw Brown Clay {HOLD} Jar**, &

Mustard Yellow Wool Raw Chocolate Brown Clay {HOLD} Jar. Both are even lovelier in person and amazing to the touch.

At first, Emily’s earth toned “HOLD” series appealed to me the most. These pottery works combine fiber and clay in natural beautifully complimentary colors (chocolate brown + moss green, porcelain white + amber). Over time however I started developing a taste for all Emily’s pieces & most recently I’ve been very keen on her  white porcelain clay creations. I only regret discovering her little shop a little too late to add these two pieces to my collection:

First Snow Porcelain White on White {HOLD} Jar, &

Skeleton Key Moss to Amber Yarn White Matte Porcelain {HOLD} Jar.

Be sure to visit nestingemily & view both her current and past hand thrown pottery galleries – they are truly one of a kind.

* As mentioned on my intro page, PaperCutHearts blog documents primarily two-dimensional artists I find immensely inspiring, therefore today’s 3D “admiration feature” is a rarity!

** All photos by NestingEmily

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  1. 06/12/2010 08:50

    You are so sweet Ania. Thanks so much!!


  1. {Paper-Cut Hearts}

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