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Emancipation by Cara Lynn Kleid


In 2005 Cara Lynn Kleid exhibited her work at a local coffee shop here in Seattle in a neighborhood both of us at the time resided in. I don’t frequent coffee shops very often anymore but this one is still my favorite – Fuel on 19th Avenue.

It is often in time of distress that I crave interacting with art and get most out of these interactions. That year I had been going through a rough time and Cara’s “Emancipation” series really struck a cord. I found her layered image/message pieces to be stunning and to this day can’t get over just how powerful they are. I’m posting several here, with the author’s permission. You can view more of Cara’s prints from this series on her flickr set.

A couple years later I was lucky to have purchased three of Cara’s prints just as she was moving to NYC. Two of them are from the Emancipation series and are now the most prominent pieces of art displayed in our living room. (My best friend Robin also purchased several of Cara’s printmaking supplies and has since taken up this craft as her primary creative outlet).

Be sure to visit the following web sites where you can discover more of Cara Lynn Kleid’s work: and (love the papercut banner!)

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