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Paper Heart Cutouts by PaperCutWorks

剪紙, Kirie, Scherenschnitte, Vytynanky, ka’ti, Papel picado are all paper cut art forms practiced across the world. I arrived at my own application of paper cut works after studying traditional Eastern European paper cutouts – Wycinanki.

I first use a pencil to draw a design of a heart & my interpretation of its anatomy on paper, then carefully cut out the design with an xacto knife.

Each heart cutout is absolutely one-of-a-kind as it is virtually impossible to recreate the same design.

Each sheet of paper, whether it is card stock, an outdated map or vintage music sheet, has unique texture and often hides little fibers and knots which help predetermine the direction of the cuts.

When using solid paper I first draw the intended cut lines with a pencil on the reverse side – this allows me to cut the entire design in one beautiful piece.

Handcut Paper Art cards, framed pieces and wooden blocks make beautiful unique gifts for a loved one, brother, sister, Mom or Dad, and the newly weds. Did you know the first anniversary present is traditionally made out of paper?

All paper cut pieces in my shop are original designs & authored exclusively by me.

© Copyright 2010 by PaperCutWorks. All rights reserved.


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